Our Life. Our Story.

Hi y'all! My name is Mari, I am the sole creator and owner of Restyled Rustic Design! I have two beautiful children and a loving husband. They are my biggest supporters and have helped me get where I am today. A little about how I got started:

I started painting signs back in 2013 once my husband, who was in the military, returned from his second deployment. It was something I enjoyed doing and was a stress reliever while I was in school getting my bachelors degree. I never had any intentions of making this into a full time career, I just enjoyed doing it as a hobby. However, after graduating and moving from North Carolina to Virginia due to my husband PCS'ing, I started painting more and I eventually got to the point where I realized that this was no longer a hobby, but a business.

I decided I wanted to make everything official in 2015. I got my business license and I started selling solely on Facebook and to family and friends, I never knew how big of a hit my signs would be. The local customers were my biggest blessing as they continued to spread the word about my growing business. 

All of my supporters are such a blessing, I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for my clients and followers. 

I put so much love and work into each and every sign as I want each and every person to love their new signs and I strive to provide 5 star customer service. 

Thank you understanding, supporting, and appreciating all the time I put into each sign made for each and every one of you! :)